1/4/19      The Greenville Inn
3/23/19    The Greenville Inn
4/6/19       Cosmic Dave's Rock Club
5/17/19     Suzie's Dogs & Drafts
5/18/19     Cosmic Dave's Rock Club
6/14/19     Youngstown Foundation Amphitheatere
6/15/19     The Greenville Inn
7/20/19     Suzie's Dogs & Drafts
7/28/19     Solon Home Days
8/17/19     Chagrin Lagoons Yacht
10/26/19   The Greenville Inn
12/7/19     The Greenville Inn

Full Schedule and Song List

Our Music

Ramones Medley - Soundcloud
Just a Girl - Soundcloud
All About That Bass - Soundcloud
Just Dance - Soundcloud
Ballroom Blitz - Soundcloud


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Our Lineup

Eric Olsen - Ax, Vocals
Kristen Kantounatakis - Vocals
Dawn Olsen - Vocals
Eric Farnan - Bass
Mike Black - Keys
David Patterson - Drums


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Since 2010

Who are the Props?

We are a cover band performing an eclectic blend of modern rock, pop, punk, funk and soul.Our songs range from those released in the 60's all the way up to the most current hits.  Our lineup, and the versatility of our musicians, allow us to cover them all.

Besides creating an energetic live experience, we provide DJ music in between performances giving the audience a full and engaging music experience.

If you aren't dancing, you're doing it WRONG!